Midway SGA



            The Midway High School SGA has been very busy the past few weeks. We have spent some time together to learn more about each other and ways we can better ourselves as a group, as well as helped out with various events around school. On Tuesday August 19th, we had an SGA retreat at the school. We all gathered in our advisor’s, Mrs.Odom’s room. Throughout the day we participated in many different activities. We each shared a little about ourselves to the rest of the group. We also did activities that helped us realize the importance of accepting and respecting other people’s ideas and that we need to work together to accomplish our goals. It was a very fun and successful retreat. August 19th was Freshman Orientation. The SGA members assisted by helping the freshman find their classes and answering any questions they had. The Sampson County High School Academy was held at Midway on August 20th. All of the High School teachers in Sampson County gathered at Midway for a day full of meetings and seminars. SGA members were very busy helping with this event. At the beginning of the day, we helped get all of the teachers signed in and get them all the information they needed. Throughout the day, we assisted by helping the teachers find their designated classrooms and we also packed lunches for all of the teachers. The High School Academy was a big success. Open House was held on August 23. This was a time for all students and their parents/family to come and meet with their teachers and find out information about clubs/athletics/etc. Different SGA members were assigned to do different things. Some members were assigned to booths and others were around the school helping students find their classes. We have a large group of dedicated students for our SGA this year. We hope to be very active and accomplish many things.

-- Brittney Gainey

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