Midway SGA

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Congratulations to the NEW SGA Executive Board for 2011/2012!

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About Midway SGA

SGA Mission Statement: We believe that government is meant to serve the public and that true leaders are servants to others. (Service is the rent that we pay for living. ~ Muhammad Ali)

SGA Guidelines:

  • Attendance:
    • Meetings: As an SGA member, you can miss no more than 3 meetings.  (Miss 2 meetings=warning, miss 3 meetings=probation, miss 4 meetings=removal from SGA)
    • Activities/projects: As an SGA member, you can miss no more than 3 activities/projects (see below for required activities). (Miss 2 activities=warning, miss 3 activities=probation, miss 4 activities=removal from SGA)
  • Discipline: As an SGA member, you must demonstrate respect, responsibility, and good character. As such:
    • 1 ASD=warning, 2 ASDs=probation, 3 ASDs=removal from SGA
    • 1 incident of ISS=probation, 2 incidents of ISS=removal from SGA
    • 1 incident of OSS=automatic removal from SGA
  • Academic Dishonesty: Any act of “academic dishonesty” will result in automatic removal from SGA.